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Squash rules (in danish)

Squash is a wonderful sport, and offers a great excercise while being a lot of fun.

You do not have to be particularily good at squash to get great benefit and joy from playing, and already after having played a couple of times you will be able to get good and entertaining games.

Brande Squash Club plays on the 2 courts in Brande Hallerne. If you wish to play squash, you can as a new player get a trial hour for free. You can also buy "pay-and play"-hours, or buy a 10-hour voucher, or you can buy a halfyearly or yearly subscription. 
If you buy a halfyearly or yearly subscription, you will automatically become a member of Brande Squash Club, and can thereafter participate in all activities arranged by Brande Squash Club.

A yearly subscription costs DKK 1.100,-, and a halfyearly subscription costs DKK 700,-, and hereof respectively DKK 200,- and DKK 100,- goes directly to your membership of Brande Squash Club.
To make a subscription you can follow this link, and thereafter choose "Ny bruger" (new user) and fill out the formular. After logging into the system you can then choose "Klippekort/abonnement" and thereafter choose "Squash abonnement" on the left menu (sorry, page is in danish language). Or you can follow this instruction in how to make a subscription.

Courts can be booked through the online booking system.

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